The Nearsighted Microraptor


So, since I’ve ranted about it, might as well release the first few pages. I’m doing a Nuzlocke run, and it’s awful. So is the art! Well, awful means awful compared to usual tumblr quality, as I only scan the best stuff. This is the average quality of my sketchbooks. I am also very insecure about my human-drawin skills, so it will hopefully help to publish some … less-than-perfect doodles.

Enjoy my little shenanigan! It will probably update again after a few years if I’m going to be as well-sceduled as usual …

Ah, also, in case my handwriting is impossible to decode, the rules page says:

  • "if it faints, it’s dead and must be released
  • Only first encounter on each route can be caght
  • Legendaries are cheating

Remember to name all pokemon you catch. Good luck!”

EDIT: oh, and the thing with the ‘noobdeer’ is an insider joke, because my sense of humor is … a bit peculiar.